I'm Alive

from by Ivason Black

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Know-It's personal favorite off this EP. The beat sizzles as it slips and slides, wile knocking drums pound out that heat. Ivason Black goes in with intelligent, witty banter that erupts when the hook comes back in.


I’m Alive

I’m alive I’m alive thankfully alright
I survived I survived I made it to my prime
I’m a grind I’m a grind tell’em it’s my time
Let him shine let him shine it’s darker in the light
Verse 1
It’s like weight gain on a contract If I maintain then I’m on that
How they throw shade when I’m all that I fade away with the ball black
Play the hate game with some contact risk pain for the ball stats
Its high grade when you fall flat knocked out with a long bat
Pinned down on the wrong mat stand up when it’s combat
With a straight punch and a jab, jab man lunch in a glad bag
Put flames to your damn flag bare shame in the rag mag
Enquiring minds hash tag that’s him not who dat
Hook x 2
Verse 2
Everyday could be Christmas if you blink you could miss this
Then who’ll be pissed kid all awkward and different
Feel like something is missing wanna pop in and listen
Did he write what was written is it wrong that it’s given
If Lebron had a Pippen the world could stop trippin’
I’m on Chrome what you dipped in where your phone what’s your digits
Nice watch it’s a Fit Bit Just stop you ridiculous
You talking that’s tickin’ you the bomb yeah I’m wicked
Every song there’s a victim while they gone we evict them
Kick a dog and you bitten drop a log when you shittin’
Going long that’s commitment that’s god in the distance
Pay attention he listening it’s your pot we pissin’ in
I’m alive I’m alive I made it to my prime
I’m alive I’m alive I’m alive
Verse 3
Its Black and he back man no Robin no Batman
Just gold on the track man like dope to a crack man
It’s supply and demand no lie I’m the man
Don’t try if you can’t you surprised I’m the champ
This the five and the six and I used to be Skitz
Don’t mind if I’m blitzed this how I get rich
The Carlton meets Ritz ain’t nothing beat this
You can kneel or raise fist I feel I make hits
I’m alive I’m alive
Hook x2


from 5 TO THE 6, released June 16, 2019
written by Ivason Black
produced by Know-It


all rights reserved



Ivason Black Toronto, Ontario

With an innate ability to captivate the
listener, and a commanding baritone voice, Ivason Black draws you into his eclectic soundscape, and demands your undivided attention.

Experience lyrics of social upheaval and personal strife through clever rhymes, witty metaphors and a consistent intelligence. Whether provoking your thoughts or providing a groove, Ivason Black has much more to come.
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