PoP Star

from by Ivason Black

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This track is all about wordplay. It's a cleverly crafted story about something and nothing all at once. Filled with sexual innuendo and false bravado, the comic relief is dry and witty. Every time you play it you'll discover something new within the context of the lyrics. This for the headz..


PoP Star

she think she fucking with a PoP Star looking like SupaFly
sitting in a hot car her side kick stupefied
wide eyed staring at the top dawg wasting time
hoping for a ride on the wild side yours or mine
Fendi cat nine lives looking fine plus one
make a dime ain't he rap ain't a crime I'm a Don
tell a story once upon she like that
smoke a little chron in a tight bat we'll be right back
we reaching heights black consummate the ninth act
and film it in a time lapse watch it on the ceiling
my mass is too appealing she hooked like I was dealing
she loving every song say my voice what get her warm
she's so horny for my poems hope she love it off the dome
I recite them with preciseness that's motherfucking niceness
Honey here is tight lipped but really not that quiet
tonight a steady diet eat what she's supplying
stewardess and pilot she imploring me to try it
must say i really like it you can tell we really vibing
'cause everything is vibrant live and in the flesh
another round another sesh' am I am I down I told her yes
as I take away her breath like vapor off her breast
my little damsel in distress the way you handling this dress
convincing me you blessed with God given talents
without forethought or malice I'ma still hit this chalice
dreaming wonderlands with Alice many wish that they could handle this
better smarten up the cabbage or e volute from savage
see my grammar is the damage i'm a horse without a carriage
my context is vexed and I'm best served with sex
calm the inner beast exude the outer beauty protrude like Honey's booty
a Mountie does her duty 'cause she always get her man
when she mounts I understand and I love it when a plan comes together
God damn I could ride this shit forever say nobody do it better
Ivason Black with the effort that's an A plus plus
put the place on hush stay on the waist no buss (bust)
I'm shaking off the rust waiting on the rush I've been sitting on the cusp
heavy boom and then erupt got Stella in my cup Artois for a star
that three times what y'all are and I still ain't going hard
all bodyguards irrelevant y'all better off with reverends
I murder man's with elegance calligraphy for reference
that's how i wrote the testaments y'all living what I write
Thanks for giving me the hype and the followers on FY
when you SPOT a guy fly as I itemize the why's
and realize the time's are strictly built for mines
never yours if it ain't war then what it is I make more
handle biz hate whores love a bitch dirt poor forever rich
huh whatever make you happy
She think she fucking with a PoP Star
She think she fucking with a PoP Star
She think she fucking with a PoP Star
Ivason Black


from 5 TO THE 6, released June 16, 2019
Written by Ivason Black
Produced by Know-It


all rights reserved



Ivason Black Toronto, Ontario

With an innate ability to captivate the
listener, and a commanding baritone voice, Ivason Black draws you into his eclectic soundscape, and demands your undivided attention.

Experience lyrics of social upheaval and personal strife through clever rhymes, witty metaphors and a consistent intelligence. Whether provoking your thoughts or providing a groove, Ivason Black has much more to come.
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