Automatic Feeling ft. Tafari Anthony

from by Ivason Black

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The sweet vocals provided by Tafari alongside Ivason's baritone cadence makes for one hell of a joint. This track is instant love and has all the feels. It's blue collar soul and Know-It built the soundscape just right.


Automatic Feeling

I get this automatic feeling every time I hear this song
lay back way back ain't that my favorite track

Verse One
You going hard 'cause yo looking for the payoff
gotta feed the mob even on your day off
success on the job but the money ting is way off
can't steal and rob then you fucking with the jail gods
I know it's rough but you repping for your hood
doing everything you should that mean everything you could
you overstood and understand the master plan
work a week for half a grand and it got you kicking cans
man I recognize the stance your world and it's demands
today she's just a girl tomorrow she's the man
half a million fans and a worldwide tour
ain't busting nothing down we just walking through the door
no more fronting now when you collecting them awards
had to dumb it down but that's coming from the source
cause the way you moving crowds this may never run it's course
say no mistakes allowed when you wanna be a boss


Verse Two
man it's crucial to the game that you focus and prepare
put fire to the flame and let'em all beware
as you accumulating fame people stop and stare
they wallow in your shame hoping that you scared
they know they can't compare you something that they ain't
Picasso type shit memorialized in paint
off the top lip and spit through the pain
you doing this for love that's why you doing this again
when push come to shove they go'ne put it on you
and it fit like a glove so you you feeling brand new
they all on brand one what the fuck is brand two
if I knew the game son I ain't gotta damn clue
that mean nothing to lose only way is up
so that's what I'ma choose I ain't really giving fucks
I'm out here slanging blues and banging in the trucks
man put this shit on cruise and push it like your luck


this one of them Know-It joints
your man Ivason Black sitting on vocals
and of course right there in the background
your man Tafari Anthony
we bringing this so enormous so gorgeous so lovely
just enjoy it's one them beautiful days
let's go



from 5 TO THE 6, released June 16, 2019
written by Ivason Black
produced by Know-It


all rights reserved



Ivason Black Toronto, Ontario

With an innate ability to captivate the
listener, and a commanding baritone voice, Ivason Black draws you into his eclectic soundscape, and demands your undivided attention.

Experience lyrics of social upheaval and personal strife through clever rhymes, witty metaphors and a consistent intelligence. Whether provoking your thoughts or providing a groove, Ivason Black has much more to come.
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